Parts Unknown meets Live At Gotham.... in a living room.


This is a Docu-Series that follows NYC comedians performing in living rooms across the country with local comics from each region. We will meet the interesting folks that open their homes to strangers, while giving a platform to America’s next generation of headlining comedians.

16 x 15 Minute Travel Docu-Series / Stand Up Showcase


No one wants to go out anymore. No one wants to hire a sitter, go to a club, buy two drinks, and then have to drive back home. We want Netflix. And Amazon. And Tinder. We want Seamless. And GrubHub. And Peapod. We want everything delivered right to our door.

Sofa Kings Live does one better.
Live Stand Up Comedy in your living room.

On each episode we will feature comedians from all over the country, showcasing the next generation of headliners. We will give you a glimpse at the friendlier, kinder America we sometimes forget exists. Meeting the people who are willing to open their homes and hearts to weary travelers, struggling artists, and new comedians. For example, Mark, a homeowner from Syosset, who is a paramedic, sharing stories of saving lives. Or Dave and his son Cameron, who work at a group home for adults with intellectual disabilities. They found Sofa Kings therapeutic and a great way to help friends & coworkers get their mind off the stresses of work.

Sit back and let Sofa Kings Live bring live stand up comedy right to your couch.

EPISODE ZERO: The Sound of Elder Abuse