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Neil Rubenstein doesn’t do drugs. He’s never had a sip of alcohol. So it may come as a bit of a surprise when the Long Island comedian references past occupations like owning a brothel or running an illegal poker room. It’s a dynamic that makes Neil both incredibly interesting and incredibly funny – something that served him well when his role on a Spike TV show as a gambling expert introduced him to the world of stand-up comedy. Stand up was more than an outlet – it straightened out his life.

“I accidentally became a good role model,” Neil Rubenstein says. 

Neil doesn’t shy away from discussing his former life of crime. Though he credits comedy with in some ways saving his life, his past experiences inform his understanding and his art. They also inform his work ethic.  

“I can’t just play cards, I had to run a poker room,” Neil says, by way of explanation. It’s an ethic he brings to his comedy: a dedication to doing something to the utmost degree. “I couldn’t just do stand up, I had to quit my job and focus everything on the craft.”

His dedication and humor have earned him accolades including runner up in 2017 Long Island Laugh Off and the Main Event of The World Series of Comedy. 

“Neil’s a burly, tattooed guy who plays against type; kind, cerebral, but still casually mentions past illegal activities the way I might reference a Renaissance Lit course I took in college,” Joe Devito, famous comedian, said about Neil’s show. It’s a show you won’t want to miss.

Accolades & Awards

2nd Place - 2017 Long Island Laugh Off at Governor's

Finalist - 2017 San Diego Comedy Festival - Clean Competition (Comedy Palace)

Semi Finalist - 2017 World Series of Comedy Las Vegas Satellite

Quarter Finalist - 2017 World Series of Comedy Main Event

Semi Finalist - 2018 World Series of Comedy Sacramento Satellite (Laughs Unlimited)

Semi Finalist - 2018 World Series of Comedy Sarasota Satellite (McCurdy’s)

1st Place - 2018 World Series of Comedy Pittsburgh Satellite (Slapsticks)

1st Place - 2018 World Series of Comedy Boston Satellite (Laugh Boston)

Semi Finalist - 2018 Last Comix Standing at Mohegan Sun

Quarter Finalist - 2018 World Series of Comedy Main Event

3rd Place - 2019 World Series of Comedy Myrtle Beach Satellite (Comedy Cabana)

1st Place - 2019 World Series of Comedy Wichita Satellite (Loony Bin)

“Not enough tattoos.” - Liz Miele, Comics Watching Comics, Season 8

TV & Film Appearances

Casino Cinema (Spike TV)

Taking Back Sunday #TAYF10 Live From Starland Ballroom (AXS TV)

Threat by Matt Pizzolo (Black Mask Studios)

Flight of The Conchords (HBO)

Important Things w/ Demetri Martin (Comedy Central)

Sopranos (HBO)

Girls (HBO)

30 Rock (NBC)

The Mentalist (CBS)

The Blacklist (NBC)

Poker Face by Dennis Widmyer (Pet Sematary, Scream TV Series)

Comics Watching Comics (Amazon)

"Neil, your reviews are simultaneously the most boring and funniest things. I don't know how you did that, but there it is." - Jesse Sneddon, Actor & Comedian

“Pretty sure there was a yawn into a casual “So, what are you doing?” to the audience in the middle of the review.” - Facebook Commenter

“Your Really Boring.” - YouTube Commenter